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Detective Pam Duffy is a character on the Apple TV+ limited series, Defending Jacob. She is portrayed by Betty Gabriel.

She worked alongside Andy Barber to investigate the murder case of Benjamin Rifkin who was found in Cold Spring Park. They interviewed many pupils at Archer Middle School including Derek Yoo and Sarah Grohl, the latter of which reached out to Pam with further information.

After Jacob Barber was accused of the murder and later arrested, Andy was forced to leave the case leaving Pam to continue investigations. This started at the Barber home where the police investigated whether Jacob possessed a knife.

Throughout the investigations, Pam still remained trusting of Andy and endeavoured to help out where she could. This included providing documents attaining to Leonard Patz to Andy so he could follow-up investigations off the record. Andy interrupted Pam at her home, along with her daughter Phoebe Duffy, in an effort to gain more insight from her.